Postpartum Doula FAQ

Postpartum doulas focus on the period between the birth of the baby and 3 months of age, and are trained to help women and families transition to parenthood and become more confident and fulfilled in their parenting. Their role is to provide emotional support(active listening, encouragement), practical support (laundry, preparing simple meals), informational support (breastfeeding, explain common newborn behaviours) and sibling and partner support.

Doulas come to your house to meet you and your partner before the birth (sometimes after!) and talk about your postpartum intentions and where you anticipate needing or valuing support. You will sign a contract agreeing to a certain number of support hours and pay a deposit. Once the baby is born you would contact your doula and schedule your first visit. Each time the doula comes to your house, she may provide several different types of help each time, and is not an exclusive babysitter, cook or housekeeper. One visit may be spent with help breastfeeding, holding baby while mum showers, discussing sleep or relationship, while the next visit may be preparing a meal, sweeping, discussing immunizations and mood variations.

No doulas perform medical procedures such as physical examinations, blood pressure or blood work, nor do they speak to your healthcare providers on your behalf.

Research has shown that women who have postpartum doulas have:

  • decreased postpartum depression
  • increased breastfeeding success (breastfeed longer)

If you are a super planner, you will have your doula booked as soon as you find out you’re pregnant, but it’s ok to wait until the early third trimester (28-32 weeks). Later bookings may also be accommodated depending on availability. Usually, you will have a free 30 min consultation which could be in your home, at a coffee shop or by phone. The purpose of this meeting is to see whether you will be a good fit with your doula based on your needs, and personalities. At the end of this meeting you will be provided with a detailed contract to peruse. If you want to hire the doula, you will contact her for an intake visit (about 1 hour in your home) where you will provide the signed contract (and make any changes) as well as the 50% cash deposit. After the baby is born, the doula will visit at the pre-arranged times as fits both your needs and schedules.
To book, or for more information, please contact
Rebecca Cunningham Andre at:
Phone: 647-741-4074

The doula’s work is not just to care for the mother and baby, but also to support the whole family, whether that be siblings, grandparents and / or partners. You will gain invaluable support from your partner/family that is not meant to be substituted by the doula. Instead, the doula complements her care so that you and your partner/family can flourish together. This can take a load off of the other supporting people who can sometimes feel overwhelmed themselves and need a break, and may have their own questions.

Everyone is different! Postpartum doulas work from the baby’s birth to 3 months of age. Some people feel particularly vulnerable right after the baby’s birth and book extra support for the first few days and weeks. Others, feel they’re on an emotional high and don’t want or need the support until a few weeks later, perhaps after family help has returned home and/or partner is back to work. Also, babies grow and go through different stages of development so quickly in the first few weeks and months, that anytime is a good time for extra support. After 3 months of age, if you are still looking for help, hiring someone specific to your need would be recommended, such as a babysitter, housekeeper, personal support worker or counsellor.
You will work out at schedule, usually one week ahead of time, for your doula to visit. It may be weekly or a few times in one week.

Postpartum Services: (minimum 3 hours/ session)

  • 12 hours pp doula service for $240

* more hours may be negotiated at $25/hr

Barter may be possible, but at least half of the total must be paid in cash on booking

Some extended health plans now cover doula care. Please check with yours!